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Monitoring Policy

We actively monitor services and parameters mentioned below on all managed services. For maximum accuracy and reliability, it is performed via multiple independent networks. When a monitoring notification comes, we immediately proceed with assessing its severity and correcting the issue. If it impacts availability of services, or is caused by client’s application and requires their assistance, we promptly contact them.

Monitored services and parameters include:

  • Server availability and network issues
  • Hardware condition and faults (in case of bare-metal servers)
  • Excessive load and overloading of server
  • Disk usage
  • Monitoring all services from Internet
  • Bad database performance (slow queries etc.)
  • Number of running processes for each service
  • DoS attacks
  • Presence of server on blacklists
  • Firewall state, including conntrack table usage
  • State of backups
  • Termination/restart of a service due to insufficient memory (out of memory killer)
  • State of filesystems
  • State of load balancers, replication and other cluster technologies
  • Custom checks (e. g. presence of given string on website, 500 error returned by endpoint)

Server utilization dashboard

All clients have access to graphs of server utilization, number of database queries, web server accesses etc. These are available upon logging to