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Wildcard Let's Encrypt Certificates

Let's Encrypt certificate authority has quickly become a popular choice, because they offer certificates free of charge and it is easy to renew them in automatic fashion. With version two of their ACME protocol, it is possible to issue even wildcard certificates.

How does it work?

Unlike classic certificates, which are issued for a certain domain name, wildcard certificates can be issued only using DNS records.  Therefore, for automatic renewal, it is necessary to have a DNS provider who offers an API for their service. VSHosting has CloudDNS API for these purposes.

What do you need?

If you want to use wildcard certicates, you need to create a user with CloudDNS permissions in the administration interface. You also need to know your client ID - our techical support will happily provide it for you.

Supported Let's Encrypt client

We have developed CloudDNS support for our MGTools administration interface and several popular Let's Encrypt clients:

  • Certbot
  • dehydrated
  • lego
  • getssl

Client configuration


If you send us login credentials for your CloudDNS user, we can activate the support of wildcards certificates. Beware, that all domains on the server using Let's Encrypt must have their DNS records hosted at CloudDNS.

Support of CloudDNS is included in the client. Instructions for issuing a certificate are here.


You need to install our CloudDNS plugin. Installation process and how to issue a certificate is described in documentation.


For CloudDNS support you need to install our plugin. More details about installation process and issuing a certificate are here.


This  go client has a native support for CloudDNS. Documentation is available here.


Also supports CloudDNS natively. Usage is describe in  the documentation.