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How to buy an ssl certificate (managed servers)

SSL certificate implementation procedure:

  • sending your order to stating the domain you want to secure and the target server where the certificate should be located (server where the domain is located)
  • deciding what type of certificate you are interested in - Standard for one common name (= one domain name), Wildcard for one common name and unlimited subdomains or EV certificate. Current prices will be sent to you by the sales department
  • confirmation of the price and issuance of the invoice - the invoice can be sent only to the invoicing data of our client, not to the invoicing data of a third party. The certificate can be implemented only after receiving the payment, or to expedite, a confirmation of payment from the bank can be sent by email
  • the following are the activities on our side - generating a certification key and certification request and submiting a certification request to the certification authority
  • then we need your cooperation to confirm the authorization email sent by the certification authority. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the recipient's email, it is generated directly by the certification authority.
    It can be, for example, an email from whois kept by the domain, but often a personalized email is not available. It is needed to select one of these options:,,, etc (preferably and if the selected mailbox does not exist, it is necessary to create it and confirm the sent email.
  • The process of authorization: in the authorization email you will find a link to the website of the certification authority, where there is a field for entering a 20-digit code, which you will also find in the email.
    After successful confirmation, the certificate is issued and sent to us, as the applicant of the certificate.
  • The last step is deploying of the certificate by our technical support.
  • You are informed about each step by email, as well as about the final deployment of the certificate.