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Performance Tests

Upon request, we can carry out performance tests of your application.

Why would you need that?

Performance tests reveal bottlenecks in the overall setup. In addition, they clearly show how many requests per seconds can the server or cluster handle without errors. Based on the data obtained during the tests, we can fine-tune the configuration to utilize the hardware to its maximum potential. If the expected number of visits is outside the hardware limits (usually because of a marketing campaign), we can suggest a hardware upgrade.

What do I need to supply?

We need a list of URLs to be measured (the ones with the highest expected number of visits or requring the most processing power). If you want to log user in or send a form with data as part of the test, you need to provide us with detailed documentation on how to achieve those.

How do the tests take place?

After preparing the test suite, we will agree on maintenance window when they will take place. We run the tests multiple times with increasing number of concurrent users and total requests, until we hit a limit. During the test, servers will be temporarily overloaded, which will cause a service disruption. Best results are achieved by restricting HTTP access to test runner servers. If you want to keep the service on, you need to excpect outages. Furthermore, this might distort test results.

How much does it cost?

Performance test is a paid service and its price is based on the extent of work required. For a price estimate, contact our marketing department with a complete list of requirements.