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Creating an SFTP User Via Managed Tools

To launch the app, type mgtools-tui into command line and hit enter. Then choose the FTP module:

You can then choose if you want to edit an existing user or create a new one

Choose name for the new user:

Then you’ll be asked to enter user's home directory (chosen directory must exist)

After that, you can set password for the new user.

If you prefer using SSH Key, you can add public key in “sshkey” option.

Finally you just need to choose the Save option to store the new configuration

You can access your SFTP  account through SFTP client such as FileZilla by connecting to port 2222. You just need to set “Host” to sftp:// + IP adress of your server (or a domain pointed to that server) and “Username” to the one you’ve chosen. To add your ssh key to filezilla you can go to Edit -> Settings -> SFTP -> Add key file.