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Calendar - Contact Sharing in Thunderbird

These instructions are for the CloudMail service

Setting up a shared calendar in Thunderbird:

  1. Log in at with your Cloudmail credentials.
  2. Click on the Calendar menu.
  3. Click Edit on your calendar (the pencil icon).
  4. From the Subscription tab, copy the CalDAV Subscription URL.
  5. Start Thunderbird. Select Events and Tasks in the menu, then Calendar.
  6. In the blank space below the list of calendars, right-click and select New Calendar
  7. Select On the Network.       
  8. Choose CalDAV and fill in Username (your CloudMail account) and Location (the link copied from groupware administration).

Setting up shared contacts in Thunderbird

  1. Install TbSync and Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV Add-ons to Thunderbird.
  2. Log in at with your CloudMail credentials and click on Address Book menu.
  3. Click Edit on your address book (the pencil icon).
  4. Copy CardDAV Subscription URL.
  5. Start Thunderbird. In the menu, select Add-ons and click TbSync.
  6. In Account actions menu, choose Add new account and then CalDAV & CardDAV.
  7. Select Manual Configuration
  8. Fill in your CloudMail account credentials and CardDAV server address (the link copied from the groupware administration).
  9. Select Enable and synchronize this account and Address book from administration.