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Communication with technical support

Critical issues

Critical issues (non-working server, disconnection) please report on tel. number +420 246 035 835 to minimise delay of problem solving.  Before making a call, we recommend visiting our status page for information about service disruptions.

Non-urgent requests, consultancy and configuration changes

Requests for consultancy and configuration changes are to be reported to email Experienced administrators are available 24/7 and it is necessary to have request in written form to avoid mistakes. Thanks to our ticketing system we achieve a continuity in solving customer's requests. 

Scheduled activities during the night hours (00h - 07h) and weekends

At night we execute those tasks that affect production service. Those are mainly server upgrades and complex changes in configuration. Night activity needs to be planed using the email at least one day in advance so we can arange it properly and it wont be in conflict with any other activity at the time. Critical issues and outages are obviously not affected by this rule.