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CloudMail Service

CloudMail service offers you centralised management for your mail boxes accesible through favourite protocols pop3 and imap including their encrypted versions.


Administration environment is located here

DNS configuration

For your emails to work correctly it's necessary to have correctly configured MX record with value "" on relevant domain.

You can check this with following commands:

In Linux: host -t MX ""

In Windows: nslookup -type=MX ""

In case of incorrect record please contact you domain registrar.


To access you emails you can use either of pop3 and imap protocol.

If you wish to keep your emails on locale storage and not on remote server, POP3 is the protocol you need to use. This protocol listens on port 110.

In case you want to keep you messages on remote storage and access tehm from multiple devices, best way is to choose IMAP protocol configured on port 143.

Encrypted connection

More info about encrypted communication between your client and remote server is  here


For your convenience we have implemented autodiscovery feature that allows wide specter of email clients to automaticaly recognise correct configuration of your mail account.

To make this function work correctly, following DNS records need to be configured:

autoconfig          CNAME  ;ThunderBird autoconfig.xml
autodiscover        CNAME  ;Outlook autodiscover.xml
_autodiscover._tcp 86400    IN  SRV 10 10 443  ;and outlook srv record (optional)

Email client used has to have this function implemented.