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Let's Encrypt

We offer Let's Encrypt certificates to customers with a managed server running on Plesk Onyx, Debian 9 or newer or Ubuntu 18.04 and newer. We do not support older operating systems.

To customers with few domains, we recommend to use a different certificate authority. The overhead of configuring Let's Encrypt and automating the issuing and renewing of certificates can pose a significant overhead, unless you have tens of domains.

Customers with cluster

There is no native support for this kind of workload and we can't guarantee 100% functionality.

Disadvantages of Let's Encrypt

  1. To make revocations unnecessary, the certificate authority issues certificates valid only for 90 days. As a result, it is necessary to often renew them.
  2. The API and clients release new versions very often, resulting in the API unavailibility, bugs in the client application etc.
  3. Lack of support for older operating systems and complicated implementation in special workloads.

We consider Let's Encrypt a reasonable alternative only for servers with a large amount of domains, where there are loose requirements for availibility (personal website, blog, small company website without an e-shop). When the API is not available, or there is a bug in the client application, the certificate might not get renewed, resulting in a service outage. We have seen that happen more than once.