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CloudMail Limits For Outgoing Email Messages

CloudMail is not intended for sending bulk or automated mail. Because of this, it has a limit on the number of outgoing messages. This protects the service from being listed on any public blacklists. If you have reached the limit, it is because you have sent more emails than the service settings allows or your mailbox has been hacked and is being abused to send spam. If you are not sure why you reached the limit, please contact our technical support.

If you have a Managed Server from our company, send emails from your applications exclusively using the "localhost" SMTP server, not using the CloudMail service.

Current outgoing limits

9:00 - 21:00

  • mailbox: 150 per minute, 250 per hour, total 750
  • domain: 300 per minute, 1000 per hour, total 2500

21:00 - 9:00

  • mailbox: 50 per minute, 150 per hour, total 300
  • domain: 100 per minute, 1000 per hour, total 2500

When you reach a limit, it is not possible to send emails within the given period (eg. when the hourly limit is reached, you cannot send further emails until the start of the next hour).

Other limits

  • The maximum number of copies (Cc:) of email is 50.
  • The maximum number of recipients in a forwarded message is 50 addresses.

User is notified of reaching a limit by an error message when trying to send an email.