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Adding a Virtual Host with Managed Tools

  1. To launch the application run mgtools-tui via SSH

  2. Choose Apache/Nginx/Apache+NginX-proxy module (depends on server settings)

3. In case some virtual hosts already exist, their list will be displayed. To create a new virtual host please choose the “new” option.

  1. Application will ask you to enter name of the new domain.  

  1. Afterwards, you will be asked to enter path to the domain's DocumentRoot. The default path is set to /var/www/ In our case we are creating virtual host for fictious domain “”. That is why the application automatically generated /var/www/ path. If the said directory does not exist, the application will create it.


  1. After entering the DocumentRoot, you will be redirected to the main menu for the newly created domain. There you need to enable this virtual host by selecting the “enable” option. To see if the domain has been enabled, you can check the top part of the window for “Povoleno:”, where 0 means disabled and 1 enabled.

  1. After activating the virtualhost you need to save all changes by selecting the “save” option.