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Creating a Mailbox

For creating a mailbox, you need to be logged in as a user with domain administrator rights or higher.


  1. To add a mailbox, click the Add Mailbox button:
  2. Select the domain for which you want to create a mailbox:
  3. Fill in all the required information:

  4. Mailbox name.

  5. Enter the password here. You can enter your own password or use a generator. For custom passwords, we recommend to use at least 8 characters containing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and optimally at least one special character. This will make it difficult to break into your mailbox.
  6. Quota settings for the number of messages and used disk space. Quotas are part of parent quotas, which are used for a domain. The total size of the allocated quotas for all mailboxes can not exceed the total quota for the domain.
  7. Here you can set up forwarding of received emails to other addresses.
  8. Configure blocking of unwanted senders.
  9. Type of account and its role (see below).

Finally, confirm by clicking the button:

Mailbox roles

The newly created mailbox can be assigned one of the following roles, ranging from the highest privileges to the lowest:

  • client admin - can create, delete, and change settings on all domains on the account
  • domain admin - manages mailboxes within a specific domain and cannot see or manage other ones
  • basic user - the owner of the mailbox, who can only change its settings

Every administrator can create an account with the same or lower role as themselves.